Our Practices

1. Regular gatherings

Sunday morning services



Small Groups (‘Connections’)

Prayer times and Quiet Days

2. Outreach into the community

We encourage one another to participate in the local community.  We have members volunteering in the CFA, Lyrebird Survey Group, Primary School and other groups.  We also are looking to expand our church-based outreach.  Currently we do the following:

Op Shop

      If you have a dream of helping to develop some kind of community based outreach, please ring Pastor Martin on 03 9754 8284. If we could help make this dream a reality, we would love to         work with you!

3. Ministries of care and compassion


Prayer Chain

4. Personal daily devotional practices

Daily Bible reading, prayer and meditation

5. Engagement with the wider Christian community

Asylum Seeker Centre Dandenong

Participation in the work of the Melbourne Anglican Diocese

Supporting missions in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea